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Organizations and Resources in Scandinavia

Arne Bjørndals Samling (The Arne Bjørndals Collection (Bergen, Norway) – A large collection of Norwegian folk music and other material.  http://abs.uib.no/eng.html

The Danish Folk Council (Folkemusikkens Fælles Sekretariat) (Denmark) – promoting folk music in Denmark.  Many resources. The Danish Folk Council and http://www.folkmusic.dk/

Danish Music.info (Denmark) – Resource for a various music genres in Denmarkhttp://www.danishmusic.info/

Danske Folkedanseres Spillemanskredsen DFS (Denmark) – http://www.spillemandskredsen.dk/ Folk music courses and other resources for folk music in Denmark.   They have a good page of links organized by categories.

Dansk Folkemindesamling (Danish Folklore Archives) (Denmark) They can also be accessed at this locationhttp://www.dafos.dk/ This is a repository that documents culture in the form of life, imagination, myth, story, song and music.  They make available an immense collection of tune transcriptions and songs that can be searched here (English version) Located on this link is a description of the tune transcription collection

Databasen Svensk Folkmusik (Sweden) –   http://www.slba.se/netahtml/folksok.htm

Finnish Folk Music Association (Helsinki, Finland) – Good resources for Finnish folk music.   http://www.suomenkansanmusiikkiliitto.fi/pages/indexEnglish.html

Folkdans På Nettet – (Folkdancing on the Net) (Denmark) – Good resource.  http://vofl3450.homeunix.net/DanishFolk/dance.html#ENGTEXT

Folkemusikk.no – (Norway) – home for Spelmannsbladet and Landslaget for Spelemenn.  There is information available in English on this very resource filled site on Norwegian folk music and folk musicians.  http://www.folkemusikk.no/

Folkets Hus Spillefolk – (Denmark) – Good resources for transcriptions and other information.  http://spillefolk.dk/

Folkmusikens Hus (The Folk Music House) – Rättvik, Dalarna province, Sweden.   A very good resource and archive for folk music and dance activities. http://www.folkmusikenshus.se/index.php

Folkemusikhusringen, Dansk Traditionel Musik – (Denmark) –  http://www.folkemusikhusringen.dk/ Music, dance, recordings, etc.

Folkemusiksammenslutningen (Folk Music Association) (Denmark) –  http://www.fms-net.dk/ Publications, works with other folk music organizations, etc.

Folknorth (Sweden) – Links to folk music and dance related activities in Scandinavia. http://www.folknorth.org/contents.asp?lang=sw

FolkWiki (Sweden) –   Online resource for music transcriptions.  http://www.folkwiki.se/

The Folk Music Centre (Siglufjordur, Iceland) – http://nat.is/Museums/centre_for_icelandic_folk_music.htm

Folk Music Academy (Siglufjord,Iceland) –  Click here

Folk Music Institute, Kansanmusiikki Instituutti (Finland) – http://www.kaustinen.fi/

Gotlandstoner (Visby, Gotland, Sweden) – This is a book of over 700 tunes from Gotland.   They can be viewed in digital form on this website.  Just click on the category of tune ‘Efter låttyp’ and you will find the resource.   http://www.gotlandstoner.se/web/

The Icelandic Music Page (Iceland) – http://www.musik.is/English.html

Jamtlandica (Sweden) – Resource for music in the Jamtland area (northern Sweden).  http://www.jamtlandica.com/

Kansalliskirjasto (The National Library of Finland)  Finland – Digital databases are here http://www.kansalliskirjasto.fi/kokoelmatjapalvelut/digitaalisetkokoelmat/tietokannat.html English pages are here http://www.nationallibrary.fi/index.html It may be possible to find old folk music transcriptions using the Doria database search since it was mentioned that “early printed music” is part of the collection.  Helmi is the likely place that these transcriptions might reside and can be searched following this link (use the Google translator)  http://www.kansalliskirjasto.fi/kokoelmatjapalvelut/digitaalisetkokoelmat/helmi.html The best place to find old Finnish fiddle tunes is Suomen Kansan eSävelmät – see the separate entry under this name.

Landsforeningen Danske Folkedansere (National Association of Danish Folk Dance) (Denmark) – http://www.folkedans.dk/

Malungs Folkhögskola (Malung, Sweden) – A folk ‘high school’ with a fabulous folk music program. They also have a Sommarkurs (summer workshop course)  http://www.malungsfolkhogskola.com/

Martin Linden – Swedish folk music transcriptions http://www.nonags.org/members/martinlinden/

Musikmuseet (Stockholm, Sweden) – Music museum.   http://stockholm.music.museum/

Musiikintutkimuksen Laitos (Finland) – (The folklife archives in Finland)  The archives include folklife, sound archives, photographs, and manuscripts. http://www.uta.fi/laitokset/mustut/arkistosivut/archive.htm http://www.uta.fi/laitokset/mustut/index.html

Nordmanns Forbundet – The Norse Federation (Norway) – Founded in 1907, they seek to strengthen cultural and personal ties between Norway and Norwegians abroad.     http://www.norseman.no/default.aspx

Norsk Folkeminnesamling (Norwegian Folklore Collection) – Associated with the University of Olso.   http://www.hf.uio.no/ikos/forskning/samlinger/norsk-folkeminnesamling/  This is a national archive for folkloric material.

Norsk Folkemusikksamling (Norwegian Folk Music Collection) – The is the central folk music archives in Norway and is affiliated with the University of Oslo.  http://www.hf.uio.no/imv/om-instituttet/nfs/eng/ The fiddle volumes contain 3862 transcriptions that can be searched.  Volumes include Hardingfeleslåtter and Slåtter for Vanlig Fele.

Ole Bull Akademiet (Voss, Norway) – http://www.olebull.no/

Smålands Musikarkiv (Växjö, Sweden) – Music archive in Småland (southern Sweden).  http://www.smalandsmusikarkiv.nu/

Statens Järnvägar, SJ (Swedish train system)http://www.sj.se/sj/jsp/polopoly.jsp?d=10&l=en

Statens Musiksamlingar (Sweden) http://www.smus.se/ This is the state collections of music.  They document, collect and make available archived music.  (See also the Svenskt Visarkiv entry)  Statens Musiksamlingar has included on their site a massive amount of digitized transcriptions – about 45,000 pages of material are accessible and can be searched by title, tune type, person, location, etc.   You are also free to print out any of the pages.  The old fiddler’s tune books in the collection go back to the 1700’s.   The collection is called “Folkmusikkommissionens notsamling och Musikmuseets spelmansböcker.”   The instructions are in English in the following link:  http://www.smus.se/earkiv/fmk/index.php?lang=en The Johan Helmich Roman collection of tunes is archived and can be searched herehttp://www.muslib.se/ebibliotek/roman/index.php?lang=en He was a prolific composer during his time.     Also it is worth investigating the Digital Depån (Digital Depot) to see all of the available archive and library materials availablehttp://www.smus.se/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=17&Itemid=34

Stefans musik  (Sweden) – Folk music resource, transcriptions http://hem.bredband.net/lindnstefa/index.html

Study in Sweden (Sweden) – Source for information on studying in Sweden and grant options. http://www.studyinsweden.se/

Suomen Kansan eSävelmät (Finnish Folk Music Electronic Information Database (Finland) – This is the best place to find archived Finnish tunes.   The database can be searched and tunes can be printed.  There is also a Midi system that plays the tunes.  http://esavelmat.jyu.fi/

Svenskt Visarkiv (Stockholm, Sweden) – Music archive.   Good source of publications.  http://www.visarkiv.se/ They also have included through a link to Statens Musiksamlingar which contains a massive amount of digitized transcriptions – about 45,000 pages of material are accessible and can be searched by title, tune type, person, location, etc.   You are also free to print out any of the pages.  The old fiddler’s tune  books in the collection go back to the 1700’s.   The collection is called “Folkmusikkommissionens notsamling och Musikmuseets spelmansböcker.”   The instructions are in English in the following link:  http://www.smus.se/earkiv/fmk/index.php?lang=en The Visarkiv also have a good page of links here   http://www.visarkiv.se/links/Folk_Sverige.htm

Sveriges Spelmäns Riksförbund (Sweden) – Good links to other regional groups around Sweden – Click on their link, Spelmansförbund, to find the other groups.   http://www.spelmansforbund.org/

Sweden.se (Sweden) – “The official gateway to Sweden.”   http://www.sweden.se

Swedish English online dictionary (Sweden) – http://lexin.nada.kth.se/sve-eng.html

Swedish Language from Handelshögskolan I Stockholm (Stockholm School of Economics – They have a nine chapter presentation on the language including audio files.   http://www2.hhs.se/isa/swedish/default.htm

Swedish National Library (National Library of Sweden) –http://www.kb.se/english/collections/

Swedish Traditional Music Links (Sweden) – A Swedish site with good links to other interesting sites.   http://www.rfod.se/folklink/index.asp?lang=en

Tieteellisten äänitearkistojen digitointi ja tiedonhallinta (Finland) -(Scientific Archives, Digitizing and Recording Data)   http://www.uta.fi/laitokset/mustut/digiprojekti/frames.htm This is a project in Finland to digitize and make available old recordings.

Umeå Folkmusikförening (Sweden) – This site covers a lot of ground in the Västerbotten region of Sweden.   There is information about their winter folk festival, the local music groups and a very good list of links to other sites.  http://www.umeafolkmusik.se/

Viola – Suomen Kansallisdiskografia (The National Discography of Finland) (Finland) – A research site https://viola.linneanet.fi/

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