Recordings, Video & Books

Recordings, Video, Books, etc.

Recordings and books can be found in a variety of places including some of the links already mentioned.  A good place to find recordings is at workshops that you attend.   Mail order is a very good way to find the greatest selections.  Several of the organizations mentioned here (see also the Musician’s page)  either offer links to places that sell recordings or sell recordings themselves.  Orders can also be made to Scandinavia, although the shipping will be expensive.  Other companies can be located on the web.

Amigo (Sweden) Record label in Sweden http://www.amigo.se/

Anders Rosén and Hurv (Sweden) – He has recordings and music books.   There are also some very interesting and informative articles posted on his site. Hurv is the recording label. http://www.hurv.com/

CD Roots (New Haven, Connecticut) – They have an excellent selection of recordings.  http://www.cdroots.com/

Digelius (Finland) – Finnish company offering an excellent selection of recordings. http://www.digelius.com/links.htm

Drone (Sweden) – Record label in Sweden. – http://www.drone.se/index.php?lang=eng

Giga (Sweden) – Record label in Sweden  http://www.giga.w.se/eng/cdlang1.html

Ingebretsen’s (Minneapolis, Minnesota) – They carry a diverse selection of Scandinavian goods including recordings.  http://www.ingebretsens.com/

Leif Alpsjö – Nyckelharpa supplies mostly.   Leif is also a master of the fiddle and nyckelharpa with many fine recordings.   http://www.nyckelharpa.com/

Norsk, LTD (Boulder, Colorado) – (no longer in business as of late 2010)

Northside – Nordic Roots Music (Minneapolis, Minnesota) – They have an excellent selection of recordings.  http://www.noside.com/

Rita Leydon’s site (USA) – Instructional videos for nyckelharpa and fiddle. Nyckelharpa information, etc.  http://www.ritaleydon.com/home.html

Rod’s Music (Minnesota) – http://www.polkas.com/rodsmusic/rods03ZI.asp

Sjelvar (Sweden) – Recording company in Sweden. – http://www.sjelvar.com/

Smithsonian Folkways (USA) – Old but good recordings!  Search for various genres.   http://www.folkways.si.edu/index.aspx

Smultron Publications – Books by G.R. Revelle and Kulning in Dahala CD (vocal herding calls and cow horn playing http://www.smultron-pub.com/

Terminus Music Webshop (Falun, Sweden) – recordings and folk music related items http://www.terminusmusic.se/

Tongång Records (Sweden) – Record label in Sweden.  – http://www.tongang.se/tongang/home.html


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