Music & Dance Workshops and Festivals – Scandinavia

Music & Dance Workshop and Festival Locations (Scandinavia)

All of these workshops and festivals are very interesting and worth attending.

Bingsjöstämman music festival (Bingsjö,  Dalarna, Sweden) –    http://www.folkmusikenshus.se/bingsjo/program.html

Delsbostämman music festival – (Delsbo, Hälsingland, Sweden)http://www.forngarden.se/

Korrö festival (Småland, southern Sweden) –     http://www.korrofestivalen.se/

Malungs Folkhögskola (Malung, Sweden) –  They offer a Sommarkurs (summer workshop course)  http://www.malungsfolkhogskola.com/

Musik Vid Siljan festival (Rättvik, Dalarna, Sweden) –   http://www.musikvidsiljan.se/

Norrlandia Camp –  (Järvsö, Hälsingland, Sweden) – A week long Swedish folk music camp that happens every three years.  Roo Lester is the American contact for this camp.   http://www.spelmanslaget.nu/norrlandia/ 

Nordlek – A Nordic organization that arranges a festival for folk music and dance every three years.  They rotate their meeting place amongst the Nordic countries.   http://www.nordlek.fi/index.html?e?

Ole Bull Akademiet (Voss, Norway) – http://www.olebull.no/

Ransäterstämman (Ransäter, north of Karlstad in southern Värmland, Sweden)

Umefolk (Umeå, Västerbotten province, Sweden) – A winter folk festival.     http://www.umeafolkmusik.se/


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