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HFAA 2012 - Hardanger Fiddle being played at a dance

HFAA 2012 – Hardanger Fiddle being played at a dance

Links to local organizations are listed on the local organizations page and most are not repeated here.

The resource links have been organized into categories located within several different static pages.     If you have pertinent links to share, I will consider adding them.

Scandinavian sites can be translated using the Google Translator.   Try this link or just search for ‘Google translate’ on a Google search.

You will find on the right hand side of this page a list of the resource pages or click on a page from here.

a) Local Organization – All Scandinavian and related organizations in the northeast Kansas area.

b) North America – Resources – Resources here in North America

c) Scandinavia – Resources – Resources in Scandinavia

d) Music & Dance Workshops and Festivals – USA/North America

e) Music & Dance Workshops and Festivals – Scandinavia

f) Musician – More Links – Links to Scandinavian musicians, sound samples, more resources, etc.

g) Video Samples – Links

h) Recordings, Video & Books – Resources for obtaining these materials

The following links are mostly miscellaneous, but important nonetheless  


Other Music Related Links

Violin Masterclass – Excellent resource for violin technique, including online video, discussion,etc. http://violinmasterclass.com/mc_menu.php

Violinist.com – A very good resource, including a discussion board.   http://www.violinist.com/

Mark Twain – on the accordion – From ‘A Touching Story of George Washington’s Boyhood’ that was originally published in “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, and Other Sketches’ (1867).    This is a very humorous story that he wrote about his experience playing the accordion. http://etext.virginia.edu/washington/twain/boyhood/

Folk Costumes & Textiles

Textiles & Costumes are a rich part of Scandinavia’s culture.  Many resources can be located on the web.


See the page on Woodworking in Scandinavia

Folklore & Storytelling

Folklore is abundant in Scandinavia.  There are many wonderful folktales and stories about mystical creatures, legendary people, etc.   Some of the folk tunes are related to folk tales and legends from the past.  There are many books and sources on the web.

Food & Cooking

The traditional food and cooking of Scandinavia is quite varied and is very tasty.   Some of the unique Scandinavian food items include pickled herring, potato sausage, cheese, homemade beer, flat bread, lefse, lutefisk, fish, etc.  Information can be found in books and on the web.

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