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01-03-2012 - Ruth, Rosemary, Carolyn, Byron and Theresa

01-03-2012 – Ruth, Rosemary, Carolyn, Byron and Theresa

 Playing With The Group

If you are interested in playing Scandinavian music with us, please contact me.   I am interested in involving young musicians (7th grade through high school) and adults.  I am seeking folks who are serious about their music, want to have fun in the process and are interested in community service.

This is group is primarily made up of fiddles/violins.    We are, however, also interested in accordion, guitar, and piano and strongly interested in nyckelharpa, clarinet and bass.  Our group practices as an ensemble twice a week.

Scandinavian music is interesting because of the rich harmonies, varied tunings and beautiful melodies.   Playing with Ingevalds Spelmän offers a unique opportunity for musical development and enjoyment of the music that you make.

A small group offers the following opportunities:

  • Sharing experiences and knowledge.
  • An occasion to play in a unique context that stands apart from playing in a large orchestra, playing alone at home, or time spent in a lesson.
  • A supplement to personal practicing/studies and playing in other contexts.
  • Building a repertoire of tunes that can be played with others.
  • Socializing with other musicians that have a common goal to make interesting music.
  • Reinforcing musical and technical skills that include ornamentation, harmony, playing at a consistent tempo, rhythm and making special arrangements, etc.
  • Listening to other musicians and to oneself to create a balanced high quality sound.
  • Enjoying the music and energy created by the participants.
  • A comfortable and stimulating environment so that musicians can be relaxed in order to play their best while interacting with others.
  • Experimenting with the music.
  • Participating in a living tradition.   Music and dance are an important part of life in a community.

Reasons why folk music is good for the person and community

  • Players enjoy the music regardless of skill level.
  • It is fun to play with others, including advanced musicians.
  • Live music is a necessary component of folk dancing, an important community activity that most people can participate in on some level.
  • Folk music can be taken to any level – equal in complexity to the finest classical music.  Never underestimate the skill level required to play “folk” music.
  • It is satisfying to be able to make entertainment for oneself and others.
  • Folk music is good food for the brain!

Ingevalds Spelmän is not just about having fun while playing beautiful music.  It is also about sharing Scandinavian music with the community.  Our performances support organizations such as Scandinavian heritage groups and folk dance associations, educational and cultural institutions needing entertainment at fundraisers and special populations such as residents of nursing homes.  All of us, and especially our young members, derive great satisfaction from serving the community through music.

Byron playing for a dance party at Rosa's

Byron playing for a dance party at Rosa’s, a former venue

Private Instruction

In addition to or separate from the group, I also teach basic violin technique and Swedish fiddling style.   I supplement my teaching by introducing students to the many resources available and involving them in interesting activities.


As a community organization Ingevalds Spelmän is supported by donations.   Funds raised from dance parties, gigs, lessons, etc., make it possible for the group to continue its mission of enriching the community through Scandinavian music.

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