CD reviews

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Right now I’m listening to the CD you so generously provided.  Very nice!!!!!  Good tune choices, nice arrangements, technically pleasing.  There is a sense of enjoyment in the playing over and above the tunes themselves.  I’ll certainly be featuring some cuts on my radio show soon.  I’ll let you know when…..      Dick Rees  (Scandinavian Cultural Hour, KFAI Radio, Minneapolis – Saint Paul)

This music is genuine and delightful. Light and playful, it captures moments of tenderness and has a certain wistful quality at times.  Intricate harmonies evoke the classical but keep the ‘down-home’ feel of a genuinely fun get-together of friends. The varied textures and rhythmic pulse makes my feet want to dance.  Other tunes are sweet and somehow haunting.                  Dana Price (Albuquerque, NM)

Your CD is still one of the best heart-lifting traveling tools I have.  The music springs from, carries, and passes on a brightness of spirit that stimulates clear, positive perception of the gift of being alive.     J.F. Stover (Hill City, KS)

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