Lawrence Folk

Evening dance party at Folklore Village, Wisconsin

Evening dance party at Folklore Village, Wisconsin

UPDATE:   The new Lawrence Folk website is now up and running as of May 25, 2015.  http://www.lawrencefolk.org   This page was the early version and will be kept here for a while as an archive.


Lawrence Folk

The Lawrence Folklife Center 

> Participation – Cooperation – Sharing – Learning – Teaching <


The formation and development of the Lawrence Folk, a not-for-profit organization, has been a dream and goal of many folks in this community since 1998.   Within the Lawrence community there are several community-enriching groups that would benefit from a fully functional facility to host their community activities.

Many community enriching groups do not have a permanent home for their activities and are forced to move around and compete with other groups for time in facilities that do not adequately meet their needs.   Primary requirements for this facility include having a proper wooden dance floor, multiple functional spaces, reasonable use fees (for individuals and groups) and to be centrally located.

Our community in Lawrence is greatly enriched by many organizations, events and activities throughout the year.    There is however, a critical need for a facility (Lawrence Folklife Center) that would meet the needs of community groups that do not have a reliably available or fully functional space to be successful in their activities and to grow.   The unique function of the folklife center would compliment our community’s commitment to the arts.

Functional like-minded facilities have been very successful in other communities and draw folks from surrounding cities and, in some cases, other states.  This would be a bonus for our local economy.

Below are some of the basic core aspects of this organization and the proposed facility.    I encourage you to take some time to review the links at the bottom of this page to see how other successful facilities operate, understand the programs that they offer and the history of their formation.

What is Folklife?

Folklife encompasses what we learn by interacting with other people.  These are skills that we learn from our families, friends and folks in our communities.   Your ‘folklife’ includes the social groups that you belong to, your ethnic heritage, and events that you may celebrate such as Independence Day, birthdays, Earth Day, dance parties, music jams, etc.    Folklife skills include music, dancing, farming, gardening, storytelling, food preparation, various artistic endeavors, crafts, woodworking, etc.

Please visit this resource page https://ingevald.wordpress.com/kansas-folklife-center/folklife-center-resources/ to explore in-depth what folklife is all about via some informative and stimulating exhibits about folklife. (click and enlarge the pictures to read the text)

FLV - Folklore and Folklife definitions from a display at FLV March 2013

FLV – Folklore and Folklife definitions from a display at Folklore Village

The Lawrence Folk Mission

Lawrence Folk and the Lawrence Folklife Center cultivates a stronger local community by providing a welcoming and inclusive environment where individuals and groups can take part in enriching and participatory folklife activities.   Participation invites learning, interaction, cooperation, sharing, and fellowship for folks of all ages.

11-20-2011 - Jam & dance after the Saturday evening Pilgrims Progression dance

Jam & dance after the Saturday evening Pilgrims Progression dance, Lawrence

The Vision

1)  One of our primary functions will be to provide a functional, visually interesting and affordable activity space for folklife related groups to develop and grow.  We would manage that space and coordinate the use of the folklife center’s spaces.

2)  Future programming may also involve the planning of exciting and interesting activities to meet our community’s needs.   This can include organizing educational folklife related programs such as workshops, Chautauqua, small festivals, and concerts. These are activities involving music, dance, literature, etc.

4)  We seek to form a collaborative network amongst various community groups that will potentially benefit from the use this facility or might be able to call this facility their home.  Collaboration with other groups is essential for the success of this project.

5)  Act as a conduit to other folklife related organizations and activities in the local area.   We will provide links and an activity calendar in a centralized location so that folklife related activities are more accessible to the public.

6)  The organization will have a board of directors, and an advisory board.   The facility will be managed by a director and a programming director.   We will depend on volunteers for many tasks.

Music workshop at Folklore Village

Useful and interest music workshop – from Folklore Village

Folk music concert - small venue space

Folk music concert in Lawrence – meeting the needs of a medium sized concert venue

Nordic Heritage Festival - childrens activities - a puppet show

Nordic Heritage Festival – Lawrence – children’s activities – a puppet show

The Functional Facility

The ultimate facility goals are listed below but may be modified depending on needs and circumstances.   We could start out with just the large space and add on to it in the future.  Possibilities include renovating an existing structure or starting from scratch.  Facility suggestions are welcome.

1)  A large floor space (45×60′ minimum) with a stage would be needed to accommodate the needs of larger groups.

2)  Two smaller soundproofed studio spaces (25×20′ each) would potentially meet the activity needs of smaller groups or a larger workshop event.

3)  At least four smaller soundproofed workshop rooms (10×10′) can provide additional teaching spaces.  (the additional spaces allow for flexibility, the option of having more than one activity happening at the same time or room to expand for a larger event)

4)  A sprung wooden floor is essential in spaces used for community dancing.

5)  A central Lawrence location is desirable.

6)  An energy efficient & low maintenance building design is essential to ease the impact on our natural resources and to save money in the long run.

7)   A high quality built-in amplified sound system is an essential element to enhance the sound quality of the largest activity space.   This eliminates time consuming equipment set up.

8)   A covered but open-sided outdoor pavilion for dancing and meeting space during the warmer months would not be essential but would enhance the overall experience.  This could also exist in a satellite location.

9) A fully functional kitchen is essential for event meal preparation.

10)  A model vegetable garden and a variety of fruit trees would be planted on the grounds, demonstrating urban agriculture possibilities.

11)  All activity spaces would be designed with good acoustical properties in mind (eliminating the echo chamber & muddy sound heard in school gymnasiums)

12)  All spaces would be designed to be warm and welcoming, using real wood flooring, trim, etc.   The ideal ambiance also includes the use of lighting that is not harsh on the eyes.

Contra dance fun at the Stony Point barn

Contra dance fun at the Stony Point barn, Lawrence

Some of the varieties of groups and activities that can benefit from the use the facility

1)  Community dance groups, large and small

2) Folk and other music concerts (the music volume will not be loud but maintained at a pleasant level)

3)  Small community festivals

4)  Music and/or dance workshops

5)  Music and/or dance instruction space

6)  Teaching space for teachers and students (small and larger groups).

7)  A space that can also be used and rented as a meeting space, reception space, etc.

8)  Additional ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Some ways to fund & support the facility

1)  Initial fundraising efforts might focus on groups and individuals who might use the facility

2)  Donations could be requested from individuals and businesses in our community as part of an annual fundraising campaign.

3)  We should seek grants (local and national level) to help with construction or operational costs.  Local sponsorship grants should be considered.

4)  The building use fees would provide a portion of the income required run and maintain the facility.   Spaces in the building can also be rented to groups and individuals to provide additional supporting income.

5)  Another option for long term funding would be the initial incorporation of some commercial rental property as part of the facility and to use the rental income to support the enterprise partially or entirely (also to pay down a mortgage).

6)  One very creative, exciting, and successful financing model involved investors who support the arts.   Over time that investment can be paid back through efforts mentioned in #5 above while keeping use fees reasonable.

7) Hire a professional fundraiser to help with the process.

The Organization

Lawrence Folk & The Kansas Folklife Center would be a not-for-profit organization with a board of directors.  We would also set up an advisory board.  A director would manage the facility in accordance with the bylaws, mission, specific goals and operational procedures established to meet the needs of the facility and our community.   A programming director is another essential position, scheduling & organizing events.     The organization will also rely heavily on organized community volunteer efforts.

Moving Forward

Please contact us if you are interested in joining this effort or have some suggestions to make this project successful.   This project IS possible.   A strong interest, a focus on the goal, community collaboration and effective fundraising can make this idea a reality.     Imagine the positive impact of creating a functional space to facilitate worthwhile and wholesome community activities!  Contact Byron Wiley bwiley@sbcglobal.net 841-2829 for more information.

Current Status

Currently we are seeking folks who are interested in taking an active role in the project.    Lawrence Folk and the Lawrence Folklife Center project needs dedicated volunteers who value our folklife.  We need folks with constructive ideas and specific skill sets (legal expertise, grant writers, fund raisers, networking, marketing, etc).   We actively invite collaboration and participation from other folklife related groups in the area.  Any contributions of time, ideas or funding are welcomed to bring this project to life.

Our current goal is to form a coalition of community groups who will work together in an advisory capacity to help with the creation of a 501C3 non-profit folklife organization called Lawrence Folk.   The Lawrence Folklife Center will be the physical location.

Contra dance fun at the Pilgrims Progression Dance in Lawrence

Contra dance fun at the Pilgrims Progression Dance in Lawrence

Brief History

2014, March – The project continues to simmer along but with renewed interest and focus that has been inspired by a large collaborative folklife community activity, the CDSS Centennial Tour, occurring in late 2015.  Additional excitement comes from the City of Lawrence’s Cultural Task Force project.

2013,  May –   It was decided that this Turnhalle building project is not feasible for our group (not a large enough dance space for large events and a daunting fundraising project for the restoration of the historical building).   The old Community Theater Building  was being researched as a possible venue.  There are many practical aspects of that space that would meet the community’s needs.   The future website address for Lawrence Folk / Lawrence Folklife Center will be http://www.lawrencefolk.org/  (not yet active)

2013, January –    A group of individuals representing local dance and music interests and led by Byron Wiley and Kathy Nace, approached the LPA (Lawrence Preservation Alliance) to evaluate whether the Turnhalle might provide the physical home to diverse folk-related activities envisioned as early as 1998.  The name Lawrence Folk was adopted during this time of project development.

2009, February – The Folklife Center concept makes its first website appearance.

1998 – The original concept for a local folklife center was hatched by Byron Wiley in 1998.   By that time, Byron had traveled to several amazing events at Folklore Village in southwestern Wisconsin.  The idea to form a folklife center in Lawrence started developing during a long drive home from a Folklore Village event.    He wondered why a functional facility could not exist in Lawrence to support local and out of town folklife activities.

Experiences at Folklore Village, visiting with Doug Dubois about the local Harmony Farms concept, local folklife events & activities,  and experiences at many other folk venues over the years have helped form and solidify the basic concepts.   Byron thought that it would be absolutely possible for Lawrence to have a folklife center to meet the needs of the folk community.   The name conceived for this project in the early years was the Kansas Folklife Center.

Ogontz Hall - dance party - New Hampshire

Ogontz Hall – dance party – New Hampshire

Links to Similar Organizations, Projects & Resources

The project goal closely resembles the facilities and programming at Folklore Village, Tapestry Folkdance Center and the Boulder Dance Coalition.     The number of links can be overwhelming but would recommend exploring these three organizations first.

Folklore Village – Dodgeville, WI.  http://www.folklorevillage.org/ A very good documentary video about Folklore Village can be viewed here  http://vimeo.com/2849990

Tapestry Folkdance Center – Minneapolis, MN.  http://www.tapestryfolkdance.org/      Click Here  to learn about how Tapestry formed.

Boulder Dance Coalition (formerly Village Arts Coalition) –  Boulder, CO.   http://www.boulderdancecoalition.org/

Avalon Ballroom –  Boulder, CO.  http://www.avalonevents.org/index.html  Here is an article about this project – Getting in Step: The Avalon Ballroom is Boulder’s New Center for Participatory Dance – Click Here

Turnverein Dance and Cultural Center – Denver – http://www.denverturnverein.org/

Camelot Ballroom – Kansas City – http://www.camelotballroom.com/

The American Folklife Center – Washington, DC. Created by Congress in 1976.   http://www.loc.gov/folklife/whatisfolklife.html

The Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage – Washington, DC. –http://www.folklife.si.edu/center/about_us.html

New York Folklore Society – http://www.nyfolklore.org/index.html

The Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS) – http://www.cdss.org/

DanceFlurry Organization – http://www.danceflurry.org/about.php

Folk Dance Association – http://www.folkdancing.org/

Folk Alliance International – http://www.folkalliance.org/

Cultural Crossroads – Kansas City – http://www.culturalcrossroads-kc.org/index.html

John C. Campbell Folk School – Brasstown, NC.   https://folkschool.org/index.php

Folk Education Association of America – Florence, MA http://peopleseducation.org/about/

Driftless Folk School – Viroqua, WI http://driftlessfolkschool.org/courses/

Old Town School of Folk Music – Chicago, IL http://www.oldtownschool.org/aboutus/

Northern Susitna Institute – http://northernsusitnainstitute.org/about-us-2/mission-values-and-beliefs/

Oklahoma Folklife Center – http://www.okhistory.org/research/folklife.php

Jersey Shore Folklife Center – http://www.tuckertonseaport.org/jersey-shore-folklife-center/

Kansas Citizens for the Arts – http://www.kansasarts.org/

City of Lawrence – useful resources

Cultural District Task Force – Lawrence – Task Force link            Click here to review the final report

PlaceMakers Charrette Report (SmartCode) – Click here to review the report

Cultural Arts Director – City of Lawrence – Christina McClelland

Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Match – https://www.volunteermatch.org/

Volunteer Kansas – http://www.volunteerkansas.org/

Truist – Volunteer http://volunteer.truist.com/uwodc-5/org/dir-all.html

Kansas Volunteer Commission – http://community.ksde.org/Default.aspx?tabid=4527

The Big Event KU – Volunteer day – http://thebigeventku.com/

KU Volunteer Fair – https://career.ku.edu/volunteerfair

The United Way Roger Hill Volunteer Center – http://www.volunteerdouglascounty.org/

Lawrence Fruit Tree Project volunteers working on the Community Fruit Tree Orchard

Lawrence Fruit Tree Project volunteers working on the Community Fruit Tree Orchard

Some Lawrence & nearby community folklife related groups, activities and event calendars

There are an impressive number of folklife related groups and activities in our area.  

Folkdance Groups

Lawrence Contra Dance – http://www.lawrencebarndance.org/

Uptown Hoedown – Lawrence – http://www.uptownhoedown.org/

English Country Dance – Lawrence – http://www.kansasfolk.org/english/

Scandinavian Music and Dance – Lawrence – https://ingevald.wordpress.com/

Scandinavian Dancers of Kansas City – no website

International Folk Dancing – Lawrence   http://www.kansasfolk.org/folkdance/

Arts of the Middle East -Lawrence –  http://www.gaziyeh.com/gaziyeh_inc.htm

Lawrence Tango Dancers – http://www.lawrencetango.org/

Happy Time Squares – Lawrence – http://www.happytimesquares.com/

KU Ballroom Dancing Club – no website

KU Swing Society – https://rockchalkcentral.ku.edu/organization/kuss

Sweat Your Prayers – Lawrence –  http://www.gabrielleroth.com/schedules_detail.asp?ScheduleID=503

Croatian Traditions (Kolo Night) – Kansas City – http://kctamburasi.com/

Barn Dance (Cross Currents) – Kansas City – http://www.crosscurrentsculture.org/Barn%20Dance/Barn%20Dance.htm

Camelot Ballroom – Kansas City (variety of dances) – http://www.camelotballroom.com/index.php?pr=Events

Topeka Folk Dancers – http://folkdancenotes.com/locations/tfd1.htm

Arts Organizations

Lawrence Arts Center  – http://lawrenceartscenter.org/

Lawrence Art Guild – http://www.lawrenceartguild.org/

Percolator – Lawrence – http://lawrence-percolator.blogspot.com/p/about-us.html

Van Go – Lawrence http://www.van-go.org/

Spencer Museum of Art – http://www.spencerart.ku.edu/programs/calendar.shtml

 Concert Venues & Production

Theater Lawrence – http://www.theatrelawrence.com

Card Table Theater – Lawrence – http://www.cardtabletheatre.com/

West Side FolkLawrence –  http://www.westsidefolk.org/

Tuesday Concert Series – Lawrence – http://www.tuesdayconcert.com/

The Lawrence City Band – http://www.lawrencecityband.com/lcb/index.asp

Signs of Life – Lawrence –  http://www.signsoflifebooks.com/

Leid Center of Kansas – Lawrence –  http://www.lied.ku.edu/

Liberty Hall – Lawrence – http://www.libertyhall.net/

KC Folk Music – Kansas City –  http://www.crosscurrentsculture.org/KCFolkMusic/KCFolkMusic.htm

Last Minute Folk – Topeka – http://lmf.uuft.org/

Local Festivals & Events

Kansas Fiddling and Picking – Lawrence –  http://kansasfiddlingandpicking.org/

Nordic Heritage Festival – Lawrence –  http://ksnordicfest.com/

St. John’s Mexican FiestaLawrence –  http://www.saint-johns.net/fiesta/

Earthday – Lawrence http://www.lawrenceks.org/swm/earthday

Art Tougeau paradeLawrence –  http://www.arttougeau.org/

Freestate Festival – Lawrence – http://lawrenceartscenter.org/free-state-festival/

Douglas County Fair – Lawrence – http://dgcountyfair.com/

St. Patrick’s Day ParadeLawrence – http://www.lawrencestpatricksdayparade.com/

Haskell Indian Nation University – Indian Art Market – Lawrence –  http://www.haskell.edu/art_market/

St. John’s Oktoberfest – Lawrence –  https://www.facebook.com/sjoktoberfest

Lawrence Busker Festival – http://www.lawrencebuskerfest.com/

Arts and Crafts Fairs (City of Lawrence ) – http://www.lawrenceks.org/lprd/specialevents/artsandcrafts

Festival of Cultures – Lawrence http://www.lawrencealliance.org/festival-of-cultures

Spring Arts and Culture Festival (Spencer Museum of Art) – http://www.spencerart.ku.edu/programs/calendar.shtml

Art in the Park – Lawrence –  http://www.lawrenceartguild.org/

Pilgrims Progression (Contra dance weekend) – Lawrence – http://www.lawrencebarndance.org/lbdawknd.htm

Scandinavian Winter Party (Julebukk) – Lawrence – https://ingevald.wordpress.com/social-events-dances/

Pi Day – Lawrence – (March 14) – no website

3 Minutes or Less (variety show) – Lawrence – no website

Kaw Valley Seed Fair -Lawrence –  https://www.facebook.com/kawvalleyseeds

Kaw Valley Farm Tour – http://www.kawvalleyfarmtour.org/

Lawrence Bhakti Festival http://www.lawrencebhaktifest.com/

Kaw Valley Eagles Day – Lawrence http://www.kawvalleyeaglesday.com/events.php

Maple Leaf Festival – Baldwin City – http://www.mapleleaffestival.com/

Ethnic Enrichment Festival – Kansas City – http://eeckc.net/?page_id=130

Greater Kansas City Japan Festival – http://kcjas.org/kcjapanfestival

Wyandotte County Ethnic Festival – http://www.freewebs.com/wycoethnicfestival/

Folk Alliance Festival – Kansas City – http://www.folkalliance.org/conference/

Kansas City Irish Fest – http://www.kcirishfest.com/ 

Walnut Valley Festival – Winfield – http://www.wvfest.com/

Kansas Fiddling and Picking - Lawrence - Children's jam session

Kansas Fiddling and Picking – Lawrence – Children’s jam session

Events Calendar / Notification

Lawrence dot com Events Calendar – http://www.lawrence.com/events/

Lawrence Public Library – Events – http://www.lawrence.lib.ks.us/news-events/

City of Lawrence – Events Calendar https://www.lawrenceks.org/calendar

Kansas Public Radio – Events – http://www.kansaspublicradio.org/

Kansas Travel – Events http://www.travelks.com/calendar-of-events/

Lawrence Convention and Visitors Bureau – Events – http://www.visitlawrence.com/events

Lawrence Kids Calendar http://lawrencekids.net/

Spencer Museum of Art http://www.spencerart.ku.edu/programs/calendar.shtml

KU Natural History Museum http://naturalhistory.ku.edu/events

Festival Net – Kansas –  http://festivalnet.com/state/kansas/ks.html

Student Union (University of Kansas) Activities – Lawrence –  http://suaevents.com/

Douglas County Senior Services – Lawrencehttp://www.dgcoseniorservices.org/leisure-and-learning/

Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library – Events – http://tscpl.org/events

Cross Currents events –  Kansas City –     http://www.crosscurrentsculture.org/CrossCurrentsEventCalendar/Calendar.htm

Meetup (event notification bulletin board)- http://www.meetup.com/

Evite (event notification system) – http://www.evite.com/

Participatory Music

Americana Music Academy – Lawrence & Topeka –  http://www.americanamusicacademy.org/

Kaw Valley Shape Note Society – Lawrence – http://www.kawshapenote.org/

Songwriters Circle (Cross Currents Kansas City area) http://www.crosscurrentsculture.org/SongwritersCircle/SongwritersCircle.htm

Folk Jam – http://www.folkjam.org/

Lawrence Irish Jam – at Henry’s in Lawrence – http://www.folkjam.org/recurring-jam/us/ks/lawrence/lawrence-irish-session

Local folk music jams – Lawrence –  various venues and locations

Lawrence Music Club (National Federation of Music Clubs) – http://www.nfmc-music.org/index.php?src=gendocs&ref=kansas&category=state

Kansas Fiddling and Picking - Lawrence

Kansas Fiddling and Picking – Lawrence

Food Production, Gardening

Common Ground Program (community gardening) – Lawrence – http://www.lawrenceks.org/common_ground

University of Kansas Student Farm http://kustudentfarm.wordpress.com/

Lawrence Farmers Market http://www.lawrencefarmersmarket.com/

Kaw Valley Seed Fair – Lawrence – https://www.facebook.com/kawvalleyseeds

Lawrence Fruit Tree Project – Lawrence –  http://lawrencefruittreeproject.wordpress.com/

Kaw Valley Farm Tour http://www.kawvalleyfarmtour.org/

Community Mercantile Education Foundation – Lawrence –  https://www.themerc.coop/what-is-cmef.cfm?

Kansas Community Gardens – http://www.kansascommunitygardens.org/resources.html

Douglas County Extension – http://www.douglas.ksu.edu/p.aspx

Cultural Resources, Activities

Ingevalds Scandinavian music and dance resources – Lawrence – https://ingevald.wordpress.com/social-events-dances/

Kansas Folklore Society – http://skyways.lib.ks.us/orgs/kfs/

Four Winds Native Center – Lawrence –  https://www.facebook.com/fourwindsnativecenter

Kansas Folkmusic and Dance Resource Center  – http://www.kansasfolk.org/index.html

 German School of Northeast Kansas – http://www.lawrencegermanschool.org/local.html

ECM at KU -Lawrence –  http://ecmku.org/

Kansas City Irish Center – http://www.irishcenterkc.org/

Cross Currents – Kansas City – http://www.crosscurrentsculture.org/

Ethnic Enrichment Commission – Kansas City – http://eeckc.net/

Sons of Norway – Kansas City – http://www.sofn-maihaugen.org/display/PUBLIC/Home

Handiwork Related Resources and Activities

Lawrence Creates Makerspace – http://lawrencecreates.com/about.html

Kansas City Woodworker’s Guild – http://www.kcwoodworkersguild.org/

Kaw Valley Quilter’s Guild – http://www.kawvalleyquiltersguild.org/

Kansas Alliance of Weavers and Spinners –  http://www.kansasweavers.com/index.html

Civic Resources and Activities

City of Lawrence Parks and Recreation – events and activities – http://www.lawrenceks.org/lprd

East Lawrence Neighborhood Association – http://www.eastlawrence.com/

Welcome To Lawrence – http://www.lawrencewelcome.com/community.html

Douglas County Senior Services – http://www.dgcoseniorservices.org/leisure-and-learning/


Lawrence Arts Center  – http://lawrenceartscenter.org/

Americana Music Academy – Lawrence & Topeka –  http://www.americanamusicacademy.org/

Douglas County Senior Services – http://www.dgcoseniorservices.org/leisure-and-learning/

 German School of Northeast Kansas – http://www.lawrencegermanschool.org/local.html

Forum, Discussion and Activities

ECM at KU -Lawrence –  http://ecmku.org/

Young Person Participatory Activities & Resources

(There are many children and teenager related activities amongst the other links listed.  Below are ones that are more specific to younger folks)

Lawrence Kids Calendar – http://lawrencekids.net/

Lawrence Arts Center  – http://lawrenceartscenter.org/

Kansas 4-H – http://www.kansas4h.org/

Outdoor (mostly) & Nature Related Participatory Activities

Lawrence Mountain Bike Club – http://www.lawrencemountainbikeclub.org/

Lawrence Bicycle Club – http://www.lbc-cycling.com/index.html

Kansas Area Watershed Council – http://kawcouncil.wordpress.com/

Kaw Valley Herritage Alliance – http://www.kvha.org/

Kansas Native Plants Society – http://www.kansasnativeplantsociety.org/

Kaw Valley Mycological Society – http://www.sunflower.com/~pilott29/

Grassland Heritage Foundation – http://www.grasslandheritage.org

Prairie Park Nature Center – Lawrence – http://lawrenceks.org/lprd/ppnc

Jayhawk Audubon Society – Lawrence –  http://www.jayhawkaudubon.org/

Orienteer Kansas – http://www.orienteerkansas.com/

Trails of Kansas – http://www.trailsofkansas.com/index.html

The Astronomy Associates of Lawrence – http://groups.ku.edu/~astronomy/

KU Natural History Museum – http://naturalhistory.ku.edu/events

Kaw Valley Eagles Day – http://www.kawvalleyeaglesday.com/events.php

Baker Wetlands Day (Lawrence)

Writing and Storytelling

Caryn Mirriam Goldberg (poet laureate Kansas) – Lawrence  http://carynmirriamgoldberg.com/

Kansas Regional Library Systems – Storytellers – http://systems.mykansaslibrary.org/statewide-performer-directory/storytellers/

Kansas Storytelling Festival – http://www.kansasstorytelling.com/

 Media (with folk related content)

Kansas Public Radio – Lawrence –  http://www.kansaspublicradio.org/

KKFI – Kanas City http://www.kkfi.org/

KCUR Public Radio – Kansas City – http://kcur.org/

KTWU TV – Sunflower Journeys – Topeka – http://www.ktwu.org/SJ/


Watkins Museum of History – Lawrence –  http://www.watkinsmuseum.org/

Douglas County history links http://www.douglas-county.com/aboutus/our_history.aspx

Freedom’s Frontier – Lawrence http://www.freedomsfrontier.org/Visitors/Upcoming-Events/

Kansas Memory (Kansas Historical Society) – http://www.kansasmemory.org/

2014 - Scandinavian Winter Party - Mixer dance

2014 – Scandinavian Winter Party – Mixer dance

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