This history section is a record of Ingevalds Spelmän,  local Scandinavian happenings and some of my (Byron’s) musical history in Lawrence and beyond.  The history has been divided into sections – see the links below or in the  column on the right side of this page. 


Byron playing for the Kansas City Scandinavian Dancers at a family reunion

Byron playing for the Kansas City Scandinavian Dancers at a family reunion

Special Thanks – There are many folks to thank for the success of our group (including present and past musicians and dancers!!) and I will mention a few of them here in no particular order:    Joel Hayes, Karen Kressin, Robert Lindwall, Bayliss Harsh, Bruce Sagan, Tom Jongling, Theresa Martin, Daryl Nickel, Carol Eeades-Delnevo, Carolyn Young, Paul Hotvedt, Rosa Walkoe, Andrea Repinsky, Rosemary O’Malley, Ruth Byers, Lauralyn Bodle, Janet Lowther, Marilyn Myers, and Jill Brandenburg.

Musicians who have played Scandinavian music in our area over the years include: Byron Wiley, Patrick Kingsbury, John Lowther, Rex Armstrong, Tom Bogardus, Dana Price, Jim Hurlburt,  Bayliss Harsh, Deborah Altus, Lauralyn Bodle, Jill Brandenburg, Richard Lungstrum, Sara Holmberg, Brooks Herndon, Stan Shelver, Pam Sherod, Theresa Martin, Rosemary O’Malley, Ruth Byers, Carol Eades-Delnevo, Reva Nimz, Juliet Remmers, Jennifer Bryan, Daryl Nickel, Dayle Dryer-Black, Carolyn Young, Jenny Loewen, Suzy Bennett, Helen Martin, Randy Brown –

Follow these links for more history – 

8 – 2014 to current

7 – 2010-2013

6 – 2010 – Sweden

5 – 2006 – 2009

4 – 2001 – 2006

3 – 2000 Malung Sweden

2 – 2000 & Earlier Years

1 – Genealogy – Ingevald

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