Theresa and Lauralyn playing nyckelharpa - 09-05-2013

Theresa and Lauralyn playing nyckelharpa – 09-05-2013

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  • You are interested in purchasing our CD – click here for information.
  • You would like to be added on the e-mail notification list for upcoming social occasions and dances and Scandinavian related concerts.
  • You have other questions about Scandinavian music and dance.
  • You can suggest updates or corrections, link additions, etc.
  • You or your child (7th grade +) is interested in private instruction or is interested in playing with the Scandinavian music group.
  • You are interested in having me give a presentation on a particular topic related to Scandinavia and its music.
  • You are aware of a Scandinavian group that might like to perform in our area
  • You would like our group to play for an event or give a presentation.
  • You are interested in supporting the development of the Lawrence Folklife Center.

Byron Wiley

Lawrence, Kansas

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River near Idra, Sweden

River near Idra, Sweden

Native prairie plants here in Kansas

Native prairie here in Kansas

My home -  painted in Norwegian colors

My home – painted with a Scandinavian color scheme

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