CD release and dance party

Take note of upcoming events by clicking on this link.

Our 14th annual Scandinavian Winter Party (Julebukk event) is happening this February 4th (Saturday) at the Unitarian Fellowship, 1263 N 1100 Rd.  The potluck dinner starts at 6:00 and the music and dance programming starts at 7:15.  Click on the link above for complete details. 

Video Links – A few are listed below and more will be posted from our recent December 2022 Tuesday Concert Series at the Lawrence Arts Center.

  1. Finnish Tango from a past Winter Party Concert
  2. Nov. 2019 Tuesday Concert – Säkkijärven polkka
  3. Nov. 2019 Tuesday Concert – Loftahammar polska
  4. Nov. 2019 Tuesday Concert – Polska efter Rut Johansson
  5. Nov. 2019 Tuesday Concert – Spel Julia Vals and Vals av F.G. Bergman


Ingevalds Spelmän is a Scandinavian dance band in Lawrence, Kansas.   We organize and play for community Scandinavian social events that include potluck meals, opportunities to socialize, dance, and enjoy the music.   Click on Social Events or Upcoming Events.

Ingevalds Spelmän is also a musical ensemble offering a unique and stimulating small group experience for interested young musicians (junior high through high school) and adults.   Click on Playing With Ingevald for more information.

Information about our CD can be found by clicking this link.

CD front cover

I (Byron) teach beginning violin and teach/coach individuals who are interested in learning more about Scandinavian music.    Students are introduced to musical styles from Scandinavia.

Ingevalds Spelmän is available to play for community dances and may be available for other special occasions such as festivals, weddings, and special presentations. (below is a video of a mixer dance from the 2014 Winter Party)

This website contains many resources including video and audio links, local groups & organizations, national and international resources.   Click on Music & Dance Definitions,   or Resources and Links for more information.

Folk music concert - small venue space

Folk music concert production

I have organized Scandinavian music concerts featuring visiting musicians in our local area in past years.   Contact me if you are aware of a group, or are part of a Scandinavian group that might be coming through the Kansas City, Lawrence or Topeka area and would be interested in playing in our area.

Byron & Theresa leading a bridal march

Programs & Presentations

In addition to musical presentations with my group, I have also given presentations on various aspects of Scandinavia to schools, social groups, family reunions, and at festivals.  I may also be able to connect you with other presenters living in our area.   The following are topics that I have presented in the past:

  • Wedding Traditions from 19th Century Norway and the Folk Music & Dance Culture Supporting These Celebrations.   A discussion about the Pietistic movement in Norway was also included
  • Adventure in Sweden – my experiences studying folk music in Sweden
  • An Introduction to the Hardanger Fiddle
  • Presentation to elementary school students – general information with a focus on the music, textiles and crafts
  • Musical presentation to jr high school orchestra students
  • Scandinavian Musical Instruments – instruments used from pre-historic times to present
Evening dance party at Folklore Village

Evening dance party at Folklore Village

Lawrence Folk & the Lawrence Folklife Center

Lastly, a movement is developing to establish a functional activity space to meet the growing community needs.   Look at the Lawrence Folklife Center page for more information.


Wednesday morning scandi jam 004_3

Rosemary, Ruth, Juliet, Theresa, Carolyn, Byron, and Jenny 12-30-2009

Midsommar 2008 – Juliet, Ruth, Byron, Theresa, Jill

FLV - Byron, Theresa, Helen and Suzy - Swedish music weekend event

FLV – Byron, Theresa, Helen and Suzy – Swedish music weekend event – Oct 2011

Biography – Byron Wiley (see also the History sections)

  • I have been active in the Lawrence music scene since 1989.  I have played 5-string banjo,  guitar (old time fiddle back up), mandolin (not active), piano accordion, violin/fiddle, piano (chordal backup),  Hardanger fiddle (not currently active), and langeleik.
  • My Scandinavian musical interests and violin/fiddle playing started in 1991
  • I have participated in Scandinavian music and dance workshops in the States from 1992 to current.
  • From 1997 – 2000 I was part of the Lecompton Reenactors, playing the part of Abraham Lincoln.   I also played some Civil War era tunes on my fiddle.
  • From the mid 1990’s to current – Lawrence Barn Dance Association board member (contra dancing group)
  • Have been on the Nordic Heritage Festival organizing committee from 2001 to 2013.  That project is taking a break right now.
  • I joined Americana Music Academy teaching team in 2002, teaching beginning technique and Scandinavian fiddle tunes through 2007.
  • I served as president of the Hardanger Fiddle Association from 1997 – 2002 and on the board from 2002 – 2004 and continue to be active in that organization.
  • I studied folk music in Sweden with Kalle Almlöf at Malungs Folkhögskola in the fall of 2000.
  • I reorganized Ingevalds Spelmän in September, 2006
  • 2008 –  A founding member of the Lawrence Fruit Tree Project and am currently active with the group and the Sunrise Project that was formed by LFTP.
  • 2013 – The folklife center concept started coming together and am currently leading the movement.   See this page for more information.
  • I traveled to Sweden (back to the well) in July, 2010 to participate in workshops, collect recordings and fine tune some playing technique.
  • I took on the role of director and president of Nordic Fiddles and Feet (a Scandinavian music and dance camp) in 2012.

The word Ingevald [pronounced EEN Ga VALD]is the name of a distant Swedish ancestor of mine.  He was, for a while, the only Swedish family name that relatives could remember, an ancestor who lived in Sweden two generations prior to the ancestor who actually immigrated to America.    Ingevalds Spelmän means Ingevald’s “group of fiddle players.”     More information on the name Ingevald and other Nordic names can be found by clicking here.

A lake in northern Värmland, Sweden - one of my favorite pictures of 'natural' Sweden

A lake in northern Värmland, Sweden – one of my favorite pictures of ‘natural’ Sweden

Photos – The photos used on the site come from various sources – myself and friends who have contributed photos over the years.   Those that are known include the following:  Byron Wiley, Rosa Walkoe,  Jill Brandenburg, Theresa Martin, Geraldine Dotson, Karen Kressin, Brad Levy, Dan Wiley, Ralph Byers, Helen Sherer, Suzy Bennett, and Marilyn Myers.

Byron playing for the Kansas City Scandinavian Dancers at a family reunion

Byron playing for the Kansas City Scandinavian Dancers at a family reunion